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Biological Basis of Behavior // AP Psychology

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  1. Which stimulate a muscle to contract?
  2. Which task is primarily a right cerebral hemisphere function in most people?
  3. A brain tumor that results in obesity would most likely be located in the
  4. Stimulation of portions of the left temporal lobe of the brain during surgery will cause the patient to
  5. A nerve cell carrying information from your eyes, ears, fingers, etc. toward the CNS is called a(n)
  6. _________ is closely related to grammar and pronunciation.
  7. Which of the following is most closely associated with language comprehension?
  8. The reticular formation (RF) is associated with
  9. Which of the following is most involved in the production of emotion?
  10. The brain center for audition is in the __________ lobe
  11. The part of the peripheral nervous system that controls glandular activity and the muscles of internal organs is called the:
  12. Which of the following is a characteristic that might be a part of your phenotype?
  13. In purely evolutionary terms, which one would be a measure of your own success as an organism?
  14. Which of the following would carry a neural message across the synapse (chemical messenger)?
  15. Hormones are chemicals secreted into the bloodstream by
  16. The peripheral nervous system is comprised of
  17. The central nervous system is comprised of all the neurons in the ________ and the ________.
  18. The ________ is that part of the limbic system that maintains homeostasis in body in terms of temperature, hunger and thirst.
  19. Rhesus monkeys who had their ________ lesioned, changed from foul-tempered beings to docile (calm) creatures.
  20. A stroke that damages parts of your amygdala would be expected to
  21. A key goal of the Human Genome Project is to
  22. Damage to the _______ would impair our ability to plan and reason.
  23. Theory argues that organisms adapt over time to their unique environments.
  24. Why is it that identical twins can often look different?
  25. Genetics predisposition are most easily observable by studying
  26. Some boxers have permanent vision damage from their years of fighting, which of the lobes would incur damage to create this result?
  27. A recording of brain waves using electrodes placed on the scalp is called a
  28. The action of grabbing your keys with your right hand is controlled by the
  29. In which of the following techniques do researchers inject a harmless, radioactive substance into the living human brain to examine activity?
  30. The neurotransmitter most likely to be present in an intensely fear provoking situation would be:
  31. The sympathetic nervous system would be most likely to activate this neurotransmitter:
  32. Attention is most clearly related to this neurotransmitter with a relationship to ADHD
  33. The evolutionary perspective (sociobiology) argues that
  34. Each finger has a separate location in the brain to allow their independent movements. These areas along with all the other areas of your body that are able to independently move are located in the ____________ within the _______________.
  35. Why is it inappropriate to speculate that the heritability of your intelligence is 60 percent genetic and 40 percent environmental?