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Biological Basis of Behavior // AP Psychology

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  1. Of the following, the effect of adrenalin on the body is most similar to the effect of the:
  2. Which stimulate a muscle to contract?
  3. The part of the brain most closely associated with maintaining balance and the coordination of complex sequences of movements is the:
  4. Loss of the ability of the brain to produce adequate levels of dopamine often leads to:
  5. Which task is primarily a right cerebral hemisphere function in most people?
  6. Hormones most closely associated with stress are produced by the:
  7. The primary effect of the myelin sheath is to
  8. Which of the following parts of the brain is most active in decision-making?
  9. A brain tumor that results in obesity would most likely be located in the
  10. Stimulation of portions of the left temporal lobe of the brain during surgery will cause the patient to
  11. Which of the following is NOT a part of a neuron?
  12. An elderly acquaintance of yours has suffered from partial blindness since she had a stroke. Apparently the stroke damaged her
  13. A person who had difficulty __________ would be described as having aphasia.
  14. The somatosensory area is located in the:
  15. The function of a dendrite is to:
  16. The part of the peripheral nervous system that controls glandular activity and the muscles of internal organs is called the:
  17. Damage to the ________ would be expected to impair your ability to name three exciting news events that occurred after this damage to your brain.
  18. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system are subdivisions of
  19. You are holding an ice cube in your left hand. You touch it and find that it is hard and slick and cold. Soon the coldness becomes painful. Most of this information is processed by the ________held in the _______ lobe.
  20. In purely evolutionary terms, which one would be a measure of your own success as an organism?
  21. Schizophrenia is thought to occur when a person has a higher-than-normal level of
  22. Some researchers suggest that individuals who suffer from schizophrenia may have a smaller _________ than other individuals, thus causing messages to be sent to incorrect areas of the brain potentially causing the idea of stimuli that are not really present.
  23. Select in order the types of neurons that will transmit a message from its inception through your response.
  24. The ________ is that part of the limbic system that maintains homeostasis in body in terms of temperature, hunger and thirst.
  25. The ________ is important for the human ability to tap dance and walk on a tightrope.
  26. Why is it that identical twins can often look different?
  27. Neural signals travel along a neuron in what order?
  28. As you are sleeping, the fire alarm in your house goes off, immediate you are wide awake and helping your family to escape from your house. Which part of the nervous system produces this response?
  29. Which part of the brain communicates directly with the 'master gland' of the endocrine system?
  30. Genetics predisposition are most easily observable by studying
  31. Spatial orientation appears to be a function of the brain\'s ________ hemisphere., while speech is located in ________ hemisphere.
  32. Curare blocks action at acetylcholine synapses and causes paralysis. This drug is an example of an
  33. Damage to the occipital lobe would most likely affect a person's
  34. The sympathetic nervous system would be most likely to activate this neurotransmitter:
  35. Which of the following are most involved in the action potential of a neuron?