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Biological Basis of Behavior // AP Psychology

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  1. Of the following, the effect of adrenalin on the body is most similar to the effect of the:
  2. Mr. Jenkins' suffered a stroke as a result of a brain injury. Although he can still move the fingers on his right hand, he has lost sensations in these parts. Of the following, the site of damage to his brain is most likely the:
  3. The unit of structure and function of the human nervous system is the:
  4. As a result of injury to her brain, Starla no longer can understand what people say to her, although she hears them. The region of the cerebral cortex most likely injured is her:
  5. The occipital lobes contain
  6. For most people, speech functions are primarily localized in the
  7. Damage to the cerebellum would most likely result in
  8. You are walking through a bad part of town, down a dark alley, and carrying a large amount of cash. Behind you, you hear a door open and close suddenly, and you immediately dive into the nearest trash container. The part of the forebrain mainly responsible for your fearful reaction is the:
  9. A person who had difficulty __________ would be described as having aphasia.
  10. In order to perform a split-brain operation, the __________ must be severed.
  11. The __________ cerebral hemisphere is superior at perceptual skills and detecting and expressing emotion.
  12. Experiments with animals have found pleasure centers to be located in the
  13. The area of the frontal lobe that directs the body's muscles is called the
  14. The central nervous system consists of:
  15. 'Fight or flight behavior is associated with
  16. Which of the following is a characteristic that might be a part of your phenotype?
  17. You are holding an ice cube in your left hand. You touch it and find that it is hard and slick and cold. Soon the coldness becomes painful. Most of this information is processed by the ________held in the _______ lobe.
  18. Which of the following would carry a neural message across the synapse (chemical messenger)?
  19. Some researchers suggest that individuals who suffer from schizophrenia may have a smaller _________ than other individuals, thus causing messages to be sent to incorrect areas of the brain potentially causing the idea of stimuli that are not really present.
  20. Damage to the ________ would be expected to impair your ability to name three exciting news events that occurred after this damage to your brain.
  21. The peripheral nervous system is comprised of
  22. The _________ of the brain accounts for two thirds of the brains total mass.
  23. Schizophrenia is thought to occur when a person has a higher than normal level of
  24. The ________ is important for the human ability to tap dance and walk on a tightrope.
  25. Why is it that identical twins can often look different?
  26. As you are sleeping, the fire alarm in your house goes off, immediate you are wide awake and helping your family to escape from your house. Which part of the nervous system produces this response?
  27. The _________ produce female sex characteristics, while the _________ produce male sex characteristics.
  28. Some boxers have permanent vision damage from their years of fighting, which of the lobes would incur damage to create this result?
  29. Research on human mating preferences suggests that men place greater value on physical attractiveness and youthfulness, whereas women place greater value on social status and financial resources. Which of the following psychological points of view best explains this behavior?
  30. What happens at the synaptic vesicles (also known as the terminal buttons)?
  31. Reward centers in your brain are most clearly associated with this neurotransmitter
  32. This neurotransmitter inhibits CNS activity leading to a calming effect:
  33. A person who has a brain injury is having difficulty seeing and hearing. These symptoms indicate that damage has occurred in the
  34. Which of the following are most involved in the action potential of a neuron?
  35. The specific part of the neuron that releases the neurotransmitters refers to: