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Perspectives and History (Beginning of the year) // AP Psychology

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  1. Wilhelm Wundt and the structuralists, who examined the STRUCTURE OF WHAT MADE UP CONSCIOUSNESS, studied questions still asked today primarily by:
  2. With which definition of psychology would John Watson and B.F. Skinner most agree?
  3. The question "Is intelligence more influenced by heredity or experience?" deals with a big issue in psychology known as:
  4. Which psychological approach is most concerned with the importance of encoding, storing, and retrieving information?
  5. The _________ perspective would be most likely to argue that men are born with NO FREE WILL since everything we do is determined by our interactions with the environment.
  6. Events during childhood are most clearly emphasized by the ________ perspective.
  7. Freud believed that nearly all thoughts and actions are determined by:
  8. The proper use of rewards and punishment is mostly the result of:
  9. What perspective is this word/phrase most closely associated with: Thinking
  10. What perspective is this word/phrase most closely associated with: Learning
  11. I am primarily interested in thinking processes; I am a __________ psychologist.
  12. A psychologist who studies family dynamics and their effects on behavior of individuals in different regions would probably be a __________ psychologist.
  13. Which of the following psychological theories is known as the one that emphasizes \"free will\"?
  14. Introspection was
  15. Strict behaviorists were criticized for ignoring the role that __________ plays in our lives.
  16. Of the following, who was a structuralist?
  17. Psychiatrists differ from psychologists in that psychiatrists
  18. You see a psychologist and tell her that you are feeling depressed. The psychologist talks to you about your past and attempts to link your present situation with patterns developed in your childhood during your relationship with your parents that you are unaware of. The psychologist would probably belong to which school of psychology?
  19. The key idea in the behavioristic view is that
  20. Who among the following can prescribe drugs to treat emotional problems?
  21. The proper use of reward, punishment, and behavior modification are results of
  22. Which of the following sets of factors is ALL associated with the indicated perspective?
  23. A cognitive psychologist has been studying aggression in teens. Which of the following is most likely to be the title of his latest study?
  24. Which of the following psychological perspectives would be most likely to examine humans genetic makeup and how that may influence behavior?
  25. A behavioral psychologist studying the causes of alcohol usage would most likely:
  26. All of the following relate to the field of Cognitive Psychology EXCEPT:
  27. One likely difference between a psychiatrist and psychologist is that a psychiatrist would tend to use more
  28. A(n) ________ psychologist would be most likely to help individuals overcome their depression through counseling and talk therapy.
  29. Modern day psychology has evolved from all of the following fields of thought except for:
  30. The research technique of introspection used by Wilhelm Wundt:
  31. Ted is seeing a humanistic psychologist for therapy. His psychologist is most likely to focus on:
  32. According to the evolutionary approach, behavioral and mental________ should be a primary focus of psychology.
  33. Rene Descartes made a science of psychology possible when he suggested that:
  34. The concept of memory formation and retrieval is most closely associated with the ___________________ perspective.
  35. MENTAL activity is most closely associated with what perspective: