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Perspectives and History // AP Psychology

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  1. Wilhelm Wundt and the structuralists, who examined the STRUCTURE OF WHAT MADE UP CONSCIOUSNESS, studied questions still asked today primarily by:
  2. The question "Is intelligence more influenced by heredity or experience?" deals with a big issue in psychology known as:
  3. Dr. Didden was hired by the TLC company to help them retain their employees without lowering the firm's profits. After TLC removed cubicles and permitted employees to decorate their workroom as recommended by Dr. Didden, the absentee rate declined and no employees left for jobs elsewhere. Dr. Didden is most likely:
  4. Modern psychodynamic theorists, or neo-Freudians, mostly focused on
  5. The proper use of rewards and punishment is mostly the result of:
  6. What perspective is this word/phrase most closely associated with: Rational Emotive Therapy
  7. What perspective is this word/phrase most closely associated with: Client Centered Therapy
  8. What perspective is this word/phrase most closely associated with: John Watson
  9. What perspective is this word/phrase most closely associated with: Jean Piaget
  10. I am primarily interested in thinking processes; I am a __________ psychologist.
  11. Person-Centered Therapy is essential treatment for the _________ perspective
  12. Some modern psychodynamic theorists, or neo-Freudians, focused on
  13. Which of the following sets of factors is ALL associated with the indicated perspective?
  14. The Biological View is most closely associated with the discipline of
  15. A cognitive psychologist has been studying aggression in teens. Which of the following is most likely to be the title of his latest study?
  16. A behavioral psychologist studying the causes of alcohol usage would most likely:
  17. The primary area to which Gestalt principles are generally tied to is
  18. The key feature of behaviorism that distinguishes it from other approaches to psychology is that:
  19. Structuralists were concerned with uncovering the basic units of
  20. Modern day psychology has evolved from all of the following fields of thought except for:
  21. The ________ approach views behavior as driven by powerful inner forces and conflicts.
  22. This perspective looks at the long standing personality characteristics of an individual, and how this may impact their affect, behaviors and cognition.
  23. Gestalt psychology is concerned primarily with understanding which of the following?
  24. "Abe's depression is mostly likely caused by an incongruence between his ideal self and his real self." This quote would be most likely to come from what perspective?
  25. The concept of memory formation and retrieval is most closely associated with the ___________________ perspective.
  26. "Give me a dozen healthy infants, well formed, and my own specified world to bring them up in and I'll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to be any type of specialist I might select: doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant-chief and, yes, even beggar-man and thief." This quotation is most consistent with what approach's psychological viewpoint?
  27. Which of the following is NOT a factor which psychoanalytic theorists heavily focus on?
  28. "The purpose of a species is to survive and pass on its genes into the future through reproduction." This quote most clearly corresponds to a __________ outlook.
  29. Another word for biological predisposition is:
  30. "All anxiety is the result of unhealthy learned experiences." Which theorist would most likely agree with this?
  31. When a therapist repeats, summarizes, and clarifies an individual's statements in therapy he is most likely engaging in _______________ a key aspect in ______________________.
  32. Active listening and unconditional positive regard are both aspects of ______________, a part of the _______________ perspective on therapy.
  33. Self-help books and groups are most closely associated with the
  34. The id's seeking of SEXUAL ENERGY was termed ____________ by Freud.
  35. Psychodynamic theorists tended to focus on interpersonal conflicts instead of Freud's focus on the ____________.