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Perspectives and History // AP Psychology

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  1. Wilhelm Wundt and the structuralists, who examined the STRUCTURE OF WHAT MADE UP CONSCIOUSNESS, studied questions still asked today primarily by:
  2. With which definition of psychology would John Watson and B.F. Skinner most agree?
  3. Dr. Didden was hired by the TLC company to help them retain their employees without lowering the firm's profits. After TLC removed cubicles and permitted employees to decorate their workroom as recommended by Dr. Didden, the absentee rate declined and no employees left for jobs elsewhere. Dr. Didden is most likely:
  4. The _________ perspective would be most likely to argue that men are born with NO FREE WILL since everything we do is determined by our interactions with the environment.
  5. What perspective is this word/phrase most closely associated with: Client Centered Therapy
  6. What perspective is this word/phrase most closely associated with: ECT
  7. What perspective is this word/phrase most closely associated with: Reinforcement
  8. I am primarily interested in thinking processes; I am a __________ psychologist.
  9. According to John Watson, introspection was
  10. "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" is represented by which of the following?
  11. Person-Centered Therapy is essential treatment for the _________ perspective
  12. Which area in psychology would be most likely to study the phenomenon of "peer influence"?
  13. Maslow proposed a need to develop one's potential and be the best one can be, which he called
  14. You see a psychologist and tell her that you are feeling depressed. The psychologist talks to you about your past and attempts to link your present situation with patterns developed in your childhood during your relationship with your parents. The psychologist would probably belong to which school of psychology?
  15. The key idea in the behavioristic view is that
  16. William James wrote Principles of Psychology and founded
  17. A sociocultural psychologist would be most interested in which of the following?
  18. The primary area to which Gestalt principles are generally tied to is
  19. The key feature of behaviorism that distinguishes it from other approaches to psychology is that:
  20. Modern day psychology has evolved from all of the following fields of thought except for:
  21. A formal definition of psychology is as the scientific study of
  22. Functionalists were interested in the role of __________________in dealing with the problems of everyday living.
  23. Rene Descartes made a science of psychology possible when he suggested that:
  24. Which of the following perspectives argues that every person has the potential to become self-actualized?
  25. The concept of memory formation and retrieval is most closely associated with the ___________________ perspective.
  26. "Give me a dozen healthy infants, well formed, and my own specified world to bring them up in and I'll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to be any type of specialist I might select: doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant-chief and, yes, even beggar-man and thief." This quotation is most consistent with what approach's psychological viewpoint?
  27. A therapist who emphasizes helping clients to identify and change irrational beliefs that underlie feelings of anxiety by challenging and confronting them is using which therapeutic technique?
  28. "The purpose of a species is to survive and pass on its genes into the future through reproduction." This quote most clearly corresponds to a __________ outlook.
  29. John Watson is a:
  30. Aaron Beck is primarily a:
  31. Another word for biological predisposition is:
  32. The id, ego, and superego are the 3 structures that create our unique personality according to:
  33. "All anxiety is the result of unhealthy learned experiences." Which theorist would most likely agree with this?
  34. Intrapsychic conflicts relate most clearly to the __________ perspective of psychology.
  35. The id's seeking of SEXUAL ENERGY was termed ____________ by Freud.