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Final Review // AP Psychology

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  1. Wilhelm Wundt and the structuralists, who examined the STRUCTURE OF WHAT MADE UP CONSCIOUSNESS, studied questions still asked today primarily by:
  2. Events during childhood are most clearly emphasized by the ________ perspective.
  3. What perspective is this word/phrase most closely associated with: Thinking
  4. Freud believed that all thoughts and actions are determined by
  5. In purely evolutionary terms, which one would be a measure of your own success as an organism?
  6. John suffered a head injury in an accident five years ago. He now has clear memories of events that occurred before the accident, but he has great difficulty remembering any of the experiences he has had since the accident. John\'s symptoms are descriptive of
  7. When asked why he wants to become a doctor, Tom says, \"because I\'ve always liked biology and being a doctor will allow me to make a good salary to take care of a family.\" His answer is most consistent with which of the following theories of motivation?
  8. The number one tennis player on last year\'s squad does not find her name on the list of students who made this year\'s team. Which stage of Selye\'s general adaptation syndrome is she most likely experiencing?
  9. In the James-Lange theory of emotion, which of the following immediately precedes an emotion?
  10. The satiety system is to the feeding system as the __________ hypothalamus is to the __________ hypothalamus.
  11. Mother Theresa\'s altruism showed in everything she did. According to Allport\'s trait theory, Mother Theresa\'s altruism was
  12. Psychologists who emphasize the importance of personality traits (come from the trait perspective) are most often criticized for
  13. Freud believed that personality was typified by
  14. A key element of Carl Rogers\' personality theory is the concept of
  15. Which of the following factors probably plays the least important role in explaining why children often share the same political and economic values of their parents?
  16. According to research on attraction, people are most likely to be attracted to others who are
  17. According to attribution theory, Pablo is most likely to attribute his high score on a difficult exam to
  18. When you have \"clashing thoughts,\" you are experiencing
  19. The key feature of behaviorism that distinguishes it from other approaches to psychology is that:
  20. Dr. Jones is an industrial/organizational (I/O) psychologist. Thus, she is most likely to do which of the following?
  21. Theory argues that organisms adapt over time to their unique environments.
  22. You are sleeping and are suddenly startled by the fire alarm in your house going off, almost immediately you are awake and ready to find your family to help them outside. Which of the flowing areas of the brain stem would most likely be responsible for your speedy alert behavior?
  23. Your dog has been lost for three days, and you cannot stop thinking about him. When you hear a bark, you assume that it is Fuzzy because of
  24. The occurrence of daytime sleep attacks is a symptom of
  25. Morphine, heroin, and codeine are derived from
  26. The best strategy to teach an organism a new response quickly is to use
  27. Noam Chomsky believed that language was
  28. Questions with multiple solutions such as \'how many uses are there for a vase?\' require:
  29. As you study the vocabulary in this book, which method would result in the deepest level of processing?
  30. As the information in this book passes from one stage of your memory to the next, the information becomes more
  31. The _________ theory claims that establishing more connections with long�term memories makes information more meaningful and memorable and thus easier to recall.
  32. Which of the following are the three essential tasks of memory?
  33. Jamal needs to remember his social security number but there are too many numbers for him to hold it in his working memory. What technique would best help Jamal to remember his social security number.
  34. The TOT (tip of the tongue) phenomenon occurs when
  35. According to drive�reduction theory, _________ refers to the balance among the body�s systems
  36. Who did the first widely published study on sexual behavior?
  37. Which one of the following is an innate ability that promotes survival?
  38. The personality of a child who is fixated in the anal stage tends to be excessively
  39. While sitting in class, Sherman suddenly experiences the following: a racing heart, clammy hands, dizziness and shaking. Sherman has many of the symptoms typical of
  40. The term fugue means
  41. According to humanistic therapy, who has the ability to heal the client?
  42. In which of the following types of treatment would a patient relax and talk about whatever comes to mind while the therapist listens?
  43. The core methods of a _________ therapist are to challenge unrealistic, unjustified assumptions and to discuss alternative solutions.
  44. In Milgrams study, which of the following would NOT make the individual \'teacher\' more likely to obey?
  45. Situationism assumes that ________ influences peoples behavior, feelings, and thoughts to a greater degree than innate personality.
  46. All of the following are ethical guidelines psychologists must follow in their experimental research except:
  47. Frankie earned the following scores on his math test: 55, 76, 55, 68, 95, 80, 55. Frankie�s mode for his math test is:
  48. Which of the following coefficients of correlation indicates the strongest relationship between two sets of variables?
  49. The place in the retina where the optic nerve exits to the brain is called the
  50. When struck by light energy, cones and rods in the retina generate neural signals that then activate the
  51. Night terrors most often occur during
  52. Unlike B. F. Skinner, Noam Chomsky believes that children
  53. In the __________ level of moral development, moral choices are determined by the direct consequences of actions.
  54. Authoritarian parents
  55. A school curriculum built on Howard Gardner\'s theory of intelligence would provide
  56. Sandra is below normal intelligence but she is able to tell you the exact day of the week of September 13, 1957. She has __________ syndrome
  57. During development of standardized tests, questions that are answered correctly by almost all students and those that are missed by almost all students are eliminated. Why?
  58. Distrust of others is symptomatic of
  59. Jenna is telling her therapist about the dream she had last night and her therapist begins to interpret it for her. Which approach to psychotherapy does Jenna�s therapist probably represent?
  60. In rational-emotive therapy, the therapist helps clients through
  61. Psychologists from which of the following perspectives of personality are most interested in assessing a person�s locus of control?
  62. A researcher randomly assigned boys and girls to each of two groups. One group watched a violent television program while the other group watched a nonviolent program. The children were then observed during a period of free play, and the incidence of aggressive behavior was recorded for each group. This research method is best characterized as
  63. If a test taker scores three standard deviations above the mean, they are in the ______percentile.
  64. The process of reuptake in SSRI medications refers to:
  65. The overjustification effect refers to:
  66. The news headline read 'Local Prostitutes Appeal to City Mayor.' Most readers immediately recognized that this was not a reference to the mayor's sexual desires. This best illustrates the value of:
  67. According to the psychoanalytic view, depression is caused by
  68. Which of the following structures of the brain has been linked with the regulation of hunger and thirst?
  69. John frequently checks behind his car before backing out since he fears that he may accidently run over a child. John�s checking behavior represents what component of OCD:
  70. Weather patterns are most significant to sufferers of: