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Final Review // AP Psychology

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  1. "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" is represented by which of the following?
  2. You see a psychologist and tell her that you are feeling depressed. The psychologist talks to you about your past and attempts to link your present situation with patterns developed in your childhood during your relationship with your parents. The psychologist would probably belong to which school of psychology?
  3. A key goal of the Human Genome Project is to
  4. Doug wrote a grocery list of 10 items, but leaves it at home. This list included in order: peas, corn, squash, onions, apples, pears, bananas, flour, milk, and eggs. If the law of primacy holds, which of the following is Doug most likely to remember when he gets to the store?
  5. The tendency for prior learning to inhibit recall of later learning is called
  6. Procedural memory would be affected by damage to the
  7. A brain-injured patient who can still execute a perfect golf swing or a high dive but is unable to recall or relearn even the broad outlines of American history is superior in
  8. At the highest levels of arousal,
  9. In hunger, a set point is
  10. In contrast to the blank slate view of human nature held by the behaviorists, humanists believe humans are born
  11. It is widely known in Jerry\'s social circle that he is the most stubborn and inflexible member of the group. Yet Jerry complains that all his friends are opinionated and rigid. Jerry\'s complaints are most clearly a sign of
  12. A teacher who is mistakenly informed that a student is learning disabled begins to treat that student differently from others. The teacher does not call on the student in class or help her with challenging material. The student\'s grades gradually decline. This result is an example of which of the following?
  13. Dr. Spinney provides students with different types of beverages and then measures their ability to drive a car. In this example, beverage type is the:
  14. A scientist who is skeptical about a particular study can decide to run that study in their laboratory. This would represent _________ the original research study.
  15. Why is it that identical twins can often look different?
  16. The action of grabbing your keys with your right hand is controlled by the
  17. Fred is a basketball player, his ________ will provide him with information regarding his body position and where he is on the court at any given time.
  18. Place the following in the correct order regarding transmission of a visual stimulus from its arrival at the retina until it travels towards the brain.
  19. According to Freud, if you become aware of your unconscious thoughts
  20. The occurrence of daytime sleep attacks is a symptom of
  21. Addiction refers to
  22. Which of the following is an explanation of why we sleep?
  23. After bingeing the entire week of Spring Break, Virginia has not had alcohol for a week, she is trembling, nauseous, perspiring, and begging for alcohol. Virginia is probably suffering from
  24. If you use money to buy ham the money is a _______, while the food is a ________.
  25. Noam Chomsky believes that all children are born
  26. Usually about 500 people attend the annual exquisite Irish food festival. This year however about 5000 people have attended because the word has spread that the boiled cabbage last year was �out of this world�. Kelly who is organizing the event knows that there is usually 500 people there, while she knows more people are in attendance she estimates the crowd to be about 1000 people. She is probably underestimating the crowd due to
  27. After the outcome is known, people often have distorted thinking about their original expectation due to
  28. You go to a new fancy restaurant, and you are nervous because you are on a first date. However, since you have been to other nice restaurants before, you know that you will first be seated, then someone will take your drink orders, then you will have an appetizer, followed by dinner. If all goes well of the date, you may even stay for dessert! What is this an example of?
  29. ________ refers to a situation in which personal beliefs, attitudes and experiences impact memory
  30. In regard to the nature�nurture controversy, most researchers
  31. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross believed that ________ was the final stage in death and dying.
  32. Humanistic theories are _________ about the nature of human personality.
  33. Erin is supposed to be saving money from her job to contribute to her college fund. She is at the mall and sees a shirt that she loves, but she will have to dip into her fund alloted for college in order to buy it. She justifies her behavior by saying, �I have worked really hard this week and I deserve it�. Erin is using what Freudian defense mechanism?
  34. One key difference between a diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder vs. Dysthymia relates to:
  35. A physician trained in the medical model of mental disorder is most likely to treat their patients by
  36. A key feature of ________ is a history of irresponsible behavior in a person who does no experience shame or intense emotion of any kind.
  37. Agoraphobia is defined as a fear of
  38. The focus of cognitive therapy is on
  39. Discrimination relates to _________ while prejudice relates to _________.
  40. Obedience to an authority figure in a Milgram study was most likely when
  41. We tend to believe that other people�s mistakes are due to
  42. The results of Milgram�s studies of obedience challenges the myth that
  43. When one increases their performance while other people are watching they are demonstrating
  44. In an experiment, which of the following variables refers to the outcome that is measured by the experiment?
  45. Several weeks after a political election, voters often exaggerate their ability to have predicted the election outcome. This best illustrates:
  46. Your tendency to see the words \"went\" and \"ties,\" rather than the word \"twenties\" when you look at T WENT TIES is best explained by the organizing principle of:
  47. The three small bones of the middle ear are called the
  48. The illusion that railroad tracks come together in the distance involves the depth cue of
  49. According to psychodynamic psychologists, the unconscious
  50. A sudden, irresistible urge to sleep, which lasts a few minutes to half an hour during the daytime, is called
  51. An individual�s fear of dogs that is lost as the individual is exposed to dogs in nonthreatening situations is referred to by behaviorists as
  52. In __________ reinforcement, the reinforcer follows every correct response.
  53. Negative reinforcement __________ responding; punishment __________ responding.
  54. Unlike B. F. Skinner, Noam Chomsky believes that children
  55. Having been told that Syd is an engineer and Fran is an elementary school teacher, when Arnold meets the couple for the first time, he assumes that Syd is the husband and Fran is the wife, rather than the opposite, which is the case. This best illustrates:
  56. A tendency to select wrong answers because they seem to match pre-existing mental categories is called
  57. Which of the following is a characteristic common to all individuals with a narcissistic personality disorder?
  58. A person who experiences a long series of overexagerrated physical complaints suffers from
  59. Which of the following has been most effective in the treatment of schizophrenia?
  60. Which of the following is identified with client-centered therapy?
  61. A researcher randomly assigned boys and girls to each of two groups. One group watched a violent television program while the other group watched a nonviolent program. The children were then observed during a period of free play, and the incidence of aggressive behavior was recorded for each group. This research method is best characterized as
  62. The news headline read 'Local Prostitutes Appeal to City Mayor.' Most readers immediately recognized that this was not a reference to the mayor's sexual desires. This best illustrates the value of:
  63. Which of the following is considered an explanation of why bystander intervention is less likely to occur if there are a large number of witnesses to a crime?
  64. The evolutionary perspective (sociobiology) argues that
  65. John Garcia showed that when rats ingested a novel substance before becoming nauseated from radiation or drugs, they acquired a
  66. Which of the following personality tests helps assess an individual's potential for clinical disorders?
  67. John frequently checks behind his car before backing out since he fears that he may accidently run over a child. John�s checking behavior represents what component of OCD:
  68. Which of the following is NOT true about suicide:
  69. Spending sprees, hyperactivity, and other risk related behaviors are most closely associated with what symptom of bipolar disorders?
  70. The category of disorders where individuals have abnormal interpretations, feelings, or behaviors towards a physical/bodily symptom refer to: