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Final Review // AP Psychology

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  1. Projective tests are most often used in the ________ approach.
  2. Of the following, who was a structuralist?
  3. When a list of words is learned in order, the words most likely to be forgotten are those that are
  4. Drive reduction as a motivational concept is best exemplified by which of the following?
  5. Psychologists who emphasize the importance of personality traits (come from the trait perspective) are most often criticized for
  6. According to Albert Bandura, people who believe that their efforts will be successful and that they are in control of events have a high level of
  7. According to Jung, art, religion, myths, and drama are important to individual functioning because they
  8. According to behaviorists,
  9. According to Jung, a mental storehouse for unconscious ideas and images shared by all humans is
  10. A formal definition of psychology is as the scientific study of
  11. The type of measure that would be most appropriate for revealing abnormalities in the brain waves such as occurs in an epileptic seizure would be
  12. Theory argues that organisms adapt over time to their unique environments.
  13. The fovea
  14. Place the following in the correct order regarding transmission of a visual stimulus from its arrival at the retina until it travels towards the brain.
  15. Cannabis can produce all of the following except
  16. Which of the following decreases when one had not had enough sleep?
  17. The leading cause of mental retardation is related to a mother�s use of _________.
  18. Suppose that you taught your dog to roll over for the reward of a dog biscuit. Then, one day you run out of dog biscuits. Which schedule of reinforcement would keep your dog responding longer without a biscuit?
  19. For Little Albert, his fear of _________ was interpreted as an instance of _________.
  20. The key difference between a ratio and a interval schedule of reinforcement is whether
  21. Sheila is collecting information for a survey. She believes that individual on public aid have a tendency to take advantage of the money they receive from the government. As Sheila collects her data, she dismisses the information regarding hard working individuals on public aid and focuses on the information that suggests that people are taking advantage. Sheila is demonstrating the
  22. Which one of the following would represent a concept hierarchy?
  23. The idea proposed by Noam Chomsky that suggests that all individuals are born with an innate ability to learn language.
  24. The three memory stages, in order of processing, are
  25. Because of the limited capacity of ________ it is unsafe to talk on a cell phone while driving on a freeway during rush-hour.
  26. Which of the following is the best example of a drive?
  27. Who did the first widely published study on sexual behavior?
  28. Eddies parents often include him in decisions such as when to set his curfew and what types of chores he will do around the house. Once a decision is collectively made the rules are enforced and he is expected to carry through o the agreement. It seems as if Eddies parents are using a _________ parenting style.
  29. Which one of the following is an innate ability that promotes survival?
  30. ________________proposed the concept of the collective unconscious.
  31. Erin is supposed to be saving money from her job to contribute to her college fund. She is at the mall and sees a shirt that she loves, but she will have to dip into her fund alloted for college in order to buy it. She justifies her behavior by saying, �I have worked really hard this week and I deserve it�. Erin is using what Freudian defense mechanism?
  32. _________ is the ego defense mechanisms that functions to exclude unacceptable feelings from consciousness.
  33. Assessment instruments in which individuals are asked to describe ambiguous stimuli are called__________ tests.
  34. While sitting in class, Sherman suddenly experiences the following: a racing heart, clammy hands, dizziness and shaking. Sherman has many of the symptoms typical of
  35. According to the preparedness (predisposition) hypothesis, we would be most likely to develop an intense fear of:
  36. The _______ approach to therapy would be most useful in aiding a person to change their belief that their life will never get better.
  37. Tad gets an A in his psychology finals. When he tells his mother, she praises him for his brilliance Tad�s mother has committed which error?
  38. Milgram led his subjects to believe that his obedience study was designed to measure
  39. To prevent ethical abuse in psychological research, the APA has suggest that:
  40. The most common form of color blindness is related to deficiencies in the
  41. The film Star Wars created illusions of depth by quickly changing images of the sizes of planets and starships using the pictorial depth cue called
  42. Which stage of sleep is characterized by brain waves with spindles and K-complexes?
  43. In small quantities, alcohol can be mistaken for a stimulant because it
  44. Jamal got very sick after eating some mushrooms on a pizza at his friend�s house. He didn�t know that he had a stomach virus at the time, blamed his illness on the mushrooms, and refused to eat them again. Which of the following is the unconditioned stimulus for the taste aversion to mushrooms?
  45. If a previous experience has given your pet the expectancy that nothing it does will prevent and aversive stimulus from occurring, it will likely
  46. If 98 out of 100 people respond 'Golden Retriever' when asked to name what dog best represents the concept 'dog,' then a golden retriever would be called a
  47. Sabrina plays on a rugby team and collects antique dolls. Peter is on a football team and loves to cook. Both Sabrina and Peter demonstrate a high degree of
  48. The performance of the group on which an IQ test is standardized sets the
  49. A test that is labeled an achievement test is most likely to be given to
  50. Jonathan�s IQ score is in the 97th percentile. Of the following, which score is most likely his?
  51. The Freudian explanation of anxiety disorders emphasizes
  52. In rational-emotive therapy, the therapist helps clients through
  53. B.F. Skinner and Noam Chomsky had two very different theories of how humans acquired language. Skinner explained language acquisition using ___________________ terminology, while Chomsky explained language acquisition using __________ terminology.
  54. Which of the following has been most effective in the treatment of schizophrenia?
  55. Cognitive therapists are interested in
  56. In which of the following techniques do researchers inject a harmless, radioactive substance into the living human brain to examine activity?
  57. Researcher Renee Baillargeon found that four-month-old infants will look longer at a ball if it appears to roll through a solid barrier, demonstrating that babies seem to grasp basic physical laws intuitively. Which of the following theories does this finding challenge?
  58. Which of the following studies demonstrates a cross-sectional research design?
  59. Psychologists from which of the following perspectives of personality are most interested in assessing a person�s locus of control?
  60. Which of the following IS NOT associated with the trait perspective on personality?
  61. \"Psychological disorders are often the result of a combination of two forces: biological predispositions AND threatening situations from the environment.\" This statement most likely comes from:
  62. Free Association is a therapeutic technique likely to be used by:
  63. When most people see a stranger that is sexually attractive, they often overestimate that person\'s:
  64. Eva had difficulty recognizing that a sea horse was a fish because it did not closely resemble her ________ of a fish.
  65. According to the psychoanalytic view, depression is caused by
  66. Individuals who accept personal responsibility for their life experiences may be characterized as having
  67. A test that fails to predict what it is designed to predict lacks:
  68. Which of the following structures of the brain has been linked with the regulation of hunger and thirst?
  69. The phonetical layout of a sentence is referred to as the ________________ structure of language according to Chomsky.
  70. The specific part of the neuron that releases the neurotransmitters refers to: