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Social Psychology // AP Psychology

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  1. A young woman was gunned down at a gas station. A busload of onlookers saw the entire event and no one did anything. The bus driver even stepped over the body to pay for his gas. What social psychological phenomenon best accounts for this behavior?
  2. When most people see a stranger that is sexually attractive, they often overestimate that person's:
  3. ________ is to an unjustified mental attitude as _________ is to unjustified negative behavior
  4. Which of the following social psychological experiments has been considered the most unethical and led to sweeping reforms in the APA ethical guidelines?
  5. Donald believes himself to be a patriotic citizen, but he also does not believe in attacking countries that are technologically no match for the United States. If the United States were to go to war and Donald was to be drafted, dissonance theory would state that
  6. The more people present at a scene, the less likely it is that anyone will help a person in need. This phenomenon is a manifestation of
  7. Which of the following regularities in behavior can most likely be accounted for by the existence of group norms?
  8. In Stanley Milgram's obedience experiments, subjects were LEAST likely to deliver maximum levels of shock when the
  9. Which of the following concepts was advanced by social psychologists to help explain why people who are part of a crowd sometimes commit aggressive, antisocial acts that they would not commit if they were alone?
  10. __________ is best known for his research on conformity.
  11. When we perform well, we typically attribute our success to __________.
  12. According to the theory of cognitive dissonance, attitudes are changed because
  13. The real danger of "groupthink" is that it
  14. When you have "clashing thoughts" that cause you to experience discomfort you are experiencing
  15. Which of the following was a factor in determining the degree of obedience in Milgram's series of experiments?
  16. Sharing your own private thoughts and feelings is called
  17. Creation of superordinate goals has been shown to be effective in reducing
  18. The demonstration by Jane Elliot with blue-eyed and brown-eyed children suggests that an effective way to generate conditions of prejudice is to
  19. It is now assumed that none of the 38 bystanders did anything to help Kitty genovese when she was being attacked was because
  20. You are working on a group project in class with four other people, it turns out that yourself and one other are the only ones doing any work. What best explains why the other two members of your group are not working?
  21. A person who labels another another driver as an �idiot� after that driver cut them off during rush hour would be said to show
  22. In an emergency situation, you would have the best chance of getting help from a
  23. Mary is a superb golfer, she has hired the best and most expensive coach around, when she wins a big tournament she is likely to credit her own talent. When she loses however she is likely to blame her coach for not doing enough to help her. This explanatory style demonstrates the
  24. _________ refers to a situation in which an innocent group receives blame from a group that feels threatened.
  25. College students tendency to date and be friends with those in their residence hail supports this theory of attraction.
  26. A decrease in performance because of being in a group is
  27. According to Sternberg, the category of love known as________ has much passion and intimacy, but little commitment.
  28. According to the theories on bystander intervention, as group size ________ the likelyhood for intervention _________
  29. According to the cognitive dissonance theory, why would people support a candidate who might potentially be corrupt?
  30. Tad gets an A in his psychology finals. When he tells his mother, she praises him for his brilliance Tad�s mother has committed which error?
  31. _________ refers to the state of conflict someone experiences after making a decision that is contrary to prior beliefs, feelings, or values.
  32. Milgram led his subjects to believe that his obedience study was designed to measure
  33. We tend to believe that other people�s mistakes are due to
  34. ________ of the experimental group continued administering the shocks in Stanley Milgram�s experiments.
  35. Ralph is aware that smoking is harmful to his health, but he continues to smoke. According to cognitive dissonance theory, it is most likely that Ralph will