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Social Psychology // AP Psychology

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  1. Of the following, which would be a good example of a self-service bias?
  2. A charity sends you some greeting cards and you feel that you should send them a small contribution. This feeling comes from the persuasion technique called
  3. Which of the following was true of Solomon Asch's experiments on conformity?
  4. Which of the following concepts was advanced by social psychologists to help explain why people who are part of a crowd sometimes commit aggressive, antisocial acts that they would not commit if they were alone?
  5. When we perform well, we typically attribute our success to __________.
  6. During the Stanford Prison study,
  7. An example of a superordinate goal is
  8. Attribution theory concerns our tendency to explain our behavior and that of others
  9. Which of the following is a testament to the power of roles?
  10. The real danger of "groupthink" is that it
  11. Which of the following was a factor in determining the degree of obedience in Milgram's series of experiments?
  12. People who think their ethnic, national, or religious group is superior to others are called
  13. Studies of conformity indicate that people are more apt to be influenced by others if they
  14. In the Milgram experiments, the study would end when
  15. It is now assumed that none of the 38 bystanders did anything to help Kitty genovese when she was being attacked was because
  16. Rhonda and Gilmer both live in Chicago and like riding bikes and reading poetry, which of the following theories of attraction would best explain why Rhonda and Gilmer may start dating?
  17. In an emergency situation, you would have the best chance of getting help from a
  18. The fact that many Americans do not approve of public nudity is most likely due to
  19. The controversial aspect of Milgrams research was related to
  20. _________ refers to a learned negative ATTITUDE toward a person based on that persons membership in a particular group.
  21. _________ refers to a situation in which an innocent group receives blame from a group that feels threatened.
  22. The excessive tendency to seek concurrence (agreement) among group members is known a
  23. People are least likely to conform when
  24. When individuals opinion become more extreme after discussing the issue with a group it is considered
  25. When your boss at work encourages all of the employees to go along with his ideas without questions he is encouraging
  26. Situationism assumes that ________ influences peoples behavior, feelings, and thoughts to a greater degree than innate personality.
  27. Tad gets an A in his psychology finals. When he tells his mother, she praises him for his brilliance Tad�s mother has committed which error?
  28. The results of Milgram's studies of obedience challenges the myth that
  29. Two persons decide to marry after years of corresponding through the mail, but have never met one another. This situation reflects the idea that attraction exerted by
  30. When one increases their performance while other people are watching they are demonstrating
  31. Often times in congressional sessions, Democrats will present an issue and rather than listening, Republicans will become even more opposed to the idea. This is a clear example of
  32. The just-world hypothesis would best explain which of the following phenomena?
  33. Solomon Asch�s findings on conformity might best be used to explain why
  34. According to the theory of fundamental attribution error, when explaining the failures of others we usually underestimate the significance of
  35. People experience the greatest cognitive dissonance when: