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Psychological Disorders // AP Psychology

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  1. Estrella always goes shopping with Maria. Because she has no confidence in her own decisions, she lets Maria decide what she should buy, and pays for clothes for Maria with money she was saving for a haircut. Estrella shows signs of which of the following personality disorders?
  2. DSM stands for
  3. Three year old Shawn ate lead paint which was chipping off the walls in an older home. Consequently, he developed a psychosis based on brain damage due to lead poisoning. Shawn's psychosis would be called a(n)
  4. Carson recently lost his job and has a great debt accumulated from gambling. He also has been feeling extreme pressure about not being able to take care of his eight children. After having too much to drink, Carson ran over a child crossing the street. Immediately following this episode, Carson could not remember who he was. This example illustrates
  5. Hearing voices that are not really there would be called a(n)
  6. "I believe Amanda's anxiety and defensiveness are the result of an unrealistic self-image and an inability to take responsibility for her feelings." This statement would most likely have been made by a
  7. Failure of hospital staff to detect fake patients in David Rosenhan's studies can be attributed to the
  8. If an individual becomes �detached from themselves, they may be suffering from (a)
  9. Freud explained conversion disorder as involving the conversion of
  10. Which of the following supports a biological basis for schizophrenia?
  11. A person who has a grandiose sense of self�importance and a preoccupation with fantasies of success or power is most likely to suffer from
  12. The term fugue means
  13. The view that mental problems are caused by physical illness is known as the
  14. Disorganized thoughts, word salads, delusions, and hallucinations are all potential symptoms of:
  15. An obsession is a repetitive ________ whereas a compulsion is a compulsive ________.
  16. A male student who disrupt class, gets into fights, and runs away from home during childhood is most likely to be diagnosed with_______ in adulthood.
  17. Fear of open or public spaces relates most clearly to:
  18. According to the preparedness (predisposition) hypothesis, we would be most likely to develop an intense fear of:
  19. ________ involves a persistent and irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that causes disruption to ones life?
  20. Jenny cannot get along with anyone for an extended period of time. She moves through boyfriends quickly, but while she is dating them she is extremely demanding and manipulative. She is incredibly impulsive and often threatens to hurt herself if her current boyfriend does not do as she wants. Jenny may be diagnosed as having a
  21. Agoraphobia is defined as a fear of
  22. Fluid-enlarged areas of the brain may be one of the many biological causes of:
  23. Julio has fragmented thinking and distorted false beliefs. Which of the following psychological disorders is Julio most likely experiencing?
  24. Paula lacks self-confidence. She has a difficult time expressing disagreement with others, and she usually lets friends make decisions for her. Others have commented that they do not know who the �real� Paula is. With which of the following personality disorders might Paula be diagnosed?
  25. An individual who stomps angrily out of a restaurant after being kept waiting five extra minutes for a reserved table may be exhibiting symptoms of
  26. John regularly stops at the pharmacy to collect pamphlets that list symptoms of different illnesses, because he is worried about his health. Each day he carefully monitors his vital signs, and he also frequently meets with a physician. On his most recent visit, the physician suggested that John was perfectly healthy. With which of the following psychological disorders might John be diagnosed?
  27. "Psychological disorders are often the result of a combination of two forces: biological predispositions AND threatening situations from the environment." This statement most likely comes from:
  28. Contemporary definitions of abnormality might include all of the following criteria EXCEPT
  29. Which of the following is most descriptive of antisocial personality disorder?
  30. The decrease in motivated purposeful behavior known as avolition is most clearly tied to:
  31. Delusions of grandeur are best represented by which case:
  32. The most common hallucination experienced by suffers of schizophrenia are:
  33. Enlarged fluid-filled regions called ventricles have been correlated with sufferers of what disorder?
  34. Melanie has to have approval before she feels comfortable making any decision. Even before selecting her outfit for the day or choosing what to eat for breakfast, she makes sure that her mother thinks it is appropriate. She most clearly meets the criteria for what personality disorder?
  35. Pretending to have a disease or inflicting symptoms of a disease on another person could meet the criteria for what disorder: