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Psychological Disorders // AP Psychology

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  1. A delusion is a
  2. All of the following are classified as anxiety disorders EXCEPT
  3. Estrella always goes shopping with Maria. Because she has no confidence in her own decisions, she lets Maria decide what she should buy, and pays for clothes for Maria with money she was saving for a haircut. Estrella shows signs of which of the following personality disorders?
  4. Psychotic disorders frequently involve perceptions of nonexistent sensory stimulation, such as voices. Symptoms such as these are called
  5. Which of the following personality disorders is characterized by behavior that includes dishonesty, repeated trouble with authority figures, and an absence of remorse for these types of conduct?
  6. Which of the following is most characteristic of individuals with chronic schizophrenia?
  7. The cognitive theory of depression states that depression results from
  8. Persistent repetitive thoughts that cannot be controlled are known as
  9. Bob has never met Madonna but he is convinced that she is deeply in love with him. Bob is suffering from
  10. DSM stands for
  11. Conversion disorder and illness-anxiety disorders are classified as
  12. Mary believes that she is the Queen of England. She is having
  13. When Sara returned from combat in the Gulf War, she began experiencing high anxiety that has persisted without any improvement. This example illustrates which anxiety related disorder?
  14. The extreme reaction known as fugue refers to
  15. One who is quite concerned with orderliness, perfectionism, and a rigid routine might be classified as a(n) __________ personality.
  16. Failure of hospital staff to detect fake patients in David Rosenhan's studies can be attributed to the
  17. If Kurt has trouble concentrating on a given task for an extended period and cannot sit still in school he should be checked for
  18. ________ involves a persistent loss of memory as well as fleeing from one�s family, home, and job.
  19. The behavioral perspective emphasizes the influence of ________ while the cognitive perspective emphasizes _________
  20. If Jerome often thinks that he suffers from several ailments from many illnesses to which he could not possibly be suffering, he may have
  21. The view that mental problems are caused by physical illness is known as the
  22. Fear of open or public spaces relates most clearly to:
  23. Eddie believes that he is Abraham Lincoln, she dresses like him, talks like him and if anyone every challenges the idea that he is actually Lincoln he gets quite upset. Eddie may be suffering from a(n)
  24. The ________ approach to psychological disorders focuses on abnormalities in the brain and nervous system
  25. A person who feels euphoric and hyperactive may be experiencing
  26. Intrusive thoughts (example: fear that you might accidently kill someone) that one cannot seem to get rid of are most closely associated with:
  27. Paula lacks self-confidence. She has a difficult time expressing disagreement with others, and she usually lets friends make decisions for her. Others have commented that they do not know who the �real� Paula is. With which of the following personality disorders might Paula be diagnosed?
  28. An individual who stomps angrily out of a restaurant after being kept waiting five extra minutes for a reserved table may be exhibiting symptoms of
  29. Joseph never sleeps through the night. He wakes up at least once per hour to check all the doors and windows in his house to make sure they are locked and to check the stove to make sure it is turned off. Joseph�s behavior would be classified as
  30. "Psychological disorders are often the result of a combination of two forces: biological predispositions AND threatening situations from the environment." This statement most likely comes from:
  31. Contemporary definitions of abnormality might include all of the following criteria EXCEPT
  32. Which of the following is most clearly associated with the positive symptoms of schizophrenia:
  33. The most common hallucination experienced by suffers of schizophrenia are:
  34. Hailey is a loner but doesn�t seem bothered by the fact that she has no close friends. She also shows disinterest in forming any social relationships with family members. She most closely meets the criteria for what personality disorder?
  35. Kelly is extremely anxious about catching �swine flu� even though she currently has no symptoms. She has started doing hourly checkups and avoiding public places to lessen her chances of acquiring the sickness. Her symptoms most clearly relate to: