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Psychological Disorders // AP Psychology

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  1. Hani was unable to tell the difference between right and wrong. Which of the following definitions of abnormal behavior is described in this example?
  2. The behavioral approach attributes the cause of abnormal behavior to
  3. Which of the following best characterizes a person experiencing obsessive-compulsive disorder?
  4. A soldier who experiences sudden blindness after seeing his buddies killed in battle is best diagnosed with
  5. The DSM-V is most helpful for
  6. Which of the following disorders is most closely associated with excessive levels of dopamine?
  7. Estrella always goes shopping with Maria. Because she has no confidence in her own decisions, she lets Maria decide what she should buy, and pays for clothes for Maria with money she was saving for a haircut. Estrella shows signs of which of the following personality disorders?
  8. Which of the following personality disorders is characterized by behavior that includes dishonesty, repeated trouble with authority figures, and an absence of remorse for these types of conduct?
  9. Which of the following is most characteristic of individuals with chronic schizophrenia?
  10. Persistent repetitive thoughts that cannot be controlled are known as
  11. Bob has never met Madonna but he is convinced that she is deeply in love with him. Bob is suffering from
  12. Discomfort in social situations, fear of evaluation, and timidity are characteristic of what personality disorder?
  13. Which of the following is characteristic of a dissociative disorder?
  14. One who is quite concerned with orderliness, perfectionism, and a rigid routine might be classified as a(n) __________ personality.
  15. Poor self-image and frequently shifting emotions in regards to relationships with others puts people with _____________ personality disorder at high risk for suicide.
  16. The participants in Rosenhans study who faked an illness to get into a mental hospital were likely to be released with the diagnosis of:
  17. The behavioral perspective emphasizes the influence of ________ while the cognitive perspective emphasizes _________
  18. Julie is extremely self�centered, even when she does not have a reservation she expects the best seat in any restaurant she thinks she deserves better treatment than anyone else and is upset of it is not forthcoming. Julie may have a
  19. Which one of the following involves a deficiency in memory?
  20. Disorganized thoughts, word salads, delusions, and hallucinations are all potential symptoms of:
  21. The ________ is key brain region responsible for panic attacks.
  22. If Jeremy cannot leave his home because he of his intense fear of public spaces and the thought that he will be caught in a situation from which he cannot escape, he is said to have
  23. A physician trained in the medical model of mental disorder is most likely to treat their patients by
  24. The cognitive perspective views _________ as key factors of mental disorder.
  25. A false sensory experience that may suggest mental disorder.
  26. John regularly stops at the pharmacy to collect pamphlets that list symptoms of different illnesses, because he is worried about his health. Each day he carefully monitors his vital signs, and he also frequently meets with a physician. On his most recent visit, the physician suggested that John was perfectly healthy. With which of the following psychological disorders might John be diagnosed?
  27. Joseph never sleeps through the night. He wakes up at least once per hour to check all the doors and windows in his house to make sure they are locked and to check the stove to make sure it is turned off. Joseph�s behavior would be classified as
  28. A college student experiences a loss of sensation in her right arm before exams. Doctors can find no physiological basis for her condition. This student is most likely experiencing which of the following kinds of disorders?
  29. Which of the following is most descriptive of antisocial personality disorder?
  30. Tourette�s syndrome is the most well known illness in what category of disorders?
  31. Weather patterns are most significant to sufferers of:
  32. Delusions of grandeur are best represented by which case:
  33. Hailey is a loner but doesn�t seem bothered by the fact that she has no close friends. She also shows disinterest in forming any social relationships with family members. She most closely meets the criteria for what personality disorder?
  34. Jessica�s moods often shift dramatically when she is interacting with others in day to day conversations. On bad days, she can be moved from elated to suicidal within a 20 minute conversation. She most clearly meets the criteria for what personality disorder
  35. The category of disorders where individuals have abnormal interpretations, feelings, or behaviors towards a physical/bodily symptom refer to: