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Psychological Disorders // AP Psychology

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  1. Hani was unable to tell the difference between right and wrong. Which of the following definitions of abnormal behavior is described in this example?
  2. Which of the following is NOT characteristic of the manic state of bipolar disorder?
  3. Which of the following disorders is most closely associated with excessive levels of dopamine?
  4. Estrella always goes shopping with Maria. Because she has no confidence in her own decisions, she lets Maria decide what she should buy, and pays for clothes for Maria with money she was saving for a haircut. Estrella shows signs of which of the following personality disorders?
  5. Psychotic disorders frequently involve perceptions of nonexistent sensory stimulation, such as voices. Symptoms such as these are called
  6. Which of the following personality disorders is characterized by behavior that includes dishonesty, repeated trouble with authority figures, and an absence of remorse for these types of conduct?
  7. A man who experiences sudden blindness on witnessing the death of his wife is probably suffering from a
  8. Distrust of others is symptomatic of
  9. The cognitive theory of depression states that depression results from
  10. Persistent repetitive thoughts that cannot be controlled are known as
  11. The chief distinguishing feature of psychotic disorders is
  12. DSM stands for
  13. Behaviorists would say that self-defeating behaviors involved in OCD are maintained by immediate reinforcement in the form of
  14. One key difference between a diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder vs. Dysthymia relates to:
  15. Poor self-image and frequently shifting emotions in regards to relationships with others puts people with _____________ personality disorder at high risk for suicide.
  16. The _________ suggests that we are innately predisposed to fear some stimuli more than others,
  17. Psychosis involves
  18. Which of the following factors suggests that there may be a genetic component to obsessive�compulsive disorder?
  19. A key feature of ________ is the appearance of abnormal thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that accompany physical symptoms like headaches, stomach aches, etc.
  20. A person who is confused and experiencing hallucinations and who has bizarre thoughts and blunted emotions is most likely suffering from
  21. A physician trained in the medical model of mental disorder is most likely to treat their patients by
  22. Delusions are
  23. Intrusive thoughts (example: fear that you might accidently kill someone) that one cannot seem to get rid of are most closely associated with:
  24. Julio has fragmented thinking and distorted false beliefs. Which of the following psychological disorders is Julio most likely experiencing?
  25. Joseph never sleeps through the night. He wakes up at least once per hour to check all the doors and windows in his house to make sure they are locked and to check the stove to make sure it is turned off. Joseph�s behavior would be classified as
  26. While grocery shopping John heard voices that seemed to be narrating his every action. The voices made statements such as �Now he is picking up the bread� and �Now he is putting the bread in his, shopping cart.� No one else heard the voices. John has heard voices narrating his behavior on several other occasions. What is John experiencing?
  27. "Psychological disorders are often the result of a combination of two forces: biological predispositions AND threatening situations from the environment." This statement most likely comes from:
  28. Which of the following is associated with schizophrenia?
  29. A college student experiences a loss of sensation in her right arm before exams. Doctors can find no physiological basis for her condition. This student is most likely experiencing which of the following kinds of disorders?
  30. Which of the following is most descriptive of antisocial personality disorder?
  31. Weather patterns are most significant to sufferers of:
  32. Which of the following concepts is most clearly associated with negative symptoms of schizophrenia?
  33. James does not join conversations with his classmates out of fear of embarrassment. Although he wishes it weren�t the case, he has trouble joining groups or clubs because of his anxiety about the situations. He most clearly meets the criteria for what personality disorder?
  34. Kelly is extremely anxious about catching �swine flu� even though she currently has no symptoms. She has started doing hourly checkups and avoiding public places to lessen her chances of acquiring the sickness. Her symptoms most clearly relate to:
  35. Schizophrenia is typically identified in people at what age?