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Testing and Intelligence // AP Psychology

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  1. If Jane's intelligence quotient is 100, we know that she has a:
  2. __________ involve(s) an ability to manage your own thinking and problem solving.
  3. Who would be the best norm group for the ACT or SAT college-entrance tests?
  4. The person responsible for the development and design of the first useful individual test of intelligence is
  5. The distribution of IQ scores
  6. The best summary statement regarding the role of heredity on human intelligence is that:
  7. Howard Gardner has theorized all of the following types of intelligence EXCEPT
  8. Sandra is below normal intelligence but she is able to tell you the exact day of the week of September 13, 1957. She has __________ syndrome
  9. The average twelve-year-old child has a mental age equal to
  10. Billy has a mental age of 8 and a chronological age of 10. Billy's IQ is
  11. A test is said to be reliable if it
  12. The correlation of intelligence test scores between identical twins is
  13. Aptitude tests are designed to measure:
  14. A comparison of the scores of African-American test takers to the scores of European-American test takers on current popular intelligence tests such as Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale and the Stanford Binet indicates that:
  15. Barika, who is 75, takes longer to solve problems that require abstract reasoning than she did when she was 35. This tendency indicates:
  16. In a normal distribution of test scores, the percentage of scores that fall at or below the mean score is
  17. Which of the following types of test is designed to measure an individual's knowledge of a subject?
  18. Which of the following methods is used designed to determine the primary components of intelligence?
  19. If the variance of a set of scores is 100, the standard deviation will be
  20. Charles Spearman�s concept of g is most accurately defined as
  21. Which of the following psychometric properties is used to assess the extent to which the items on an intelligence test measure a person�s intelligence?
  22. A teacher finds the distribution of scores on a final exam to be positively skewed with low variability. On the basis of this information, the teacher would be most justified in concluding that
  23. What percent of test takers score within ONE standard deviation ABOVE OR BELOW the mean on a normally curved test?
  24. If a test taker scores two standard deviations above the mean, they are in the ______percentile.
  25. If a test taker scores one standard deviation below the mean, they are in the _______percentile.
  26. Ms. Neguta's class takes an exam and most of the class earns an "A" on the exam. Freddie and Claire, however, skip class that day and earn zeroes on the test. When Ms. Neguta calculates her average it will be lowered by the zeroes causing the test results to be:
  27. John is comparing two variables and finds that the correlation is +.8. He would be justified in making which of the following conclusions:
  28. John is comparing two variables and finds that the correlation is +.8. He would be justified in making which of the following conclusions:
  29. The mean score on a test will be GREATER than the median score if:
  30. The mean score on a test will be LESS than the median score if:
  31. The correlations between the IQ scores of identical twins reared apart are lower than those of identical twins reared together. This difference is best explained by which of the following?
  32. A test that fails to predict what it is designed to predict lacks:
  33. For a language test with normally distributed scores, the mean was 70 and the standard deviation was 10. Approximately what percentage of test takers scored 80 and above?
  34. Which of the following sets of scores has the greatest standard deviation?
  35. A test that is standardized must have all of the following attributes EXCEPT: