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Personality // AP Psychology

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  1. Which Freudian personality system is guided by the reality principle?
  2. Mother Theresa's altruism showed in everything she did. According to Allport's trait theory, Mother Theresa's altruism was
  3. Assessments such as the Rorschach are used in which of the following kinds of tests?
  4. When parents refuse to accept several psychologists' diagnosis of a child's mental illness, they are using which of the following defense mechanism?
  5. Sigmund Freud believed that dream analysis was a useful device for
  6. The defense mechanism of reaction formation is best exemplified in which of the following situations?
  7. Freud believed that personality was typified by
  8. According to Jung, art, religion, myths, and drama are important to individual functioning because they
  9. According to Freud, the Oedipal and Electra conflicts end when a child takes on the values and behaviors of the same sex parent in a process called
  10. Between the ages of 1 and 3 years, the child is said to go through the __________ stage.
  11. During the first year of life, the child is said to go through the __________ stage.
  12. In Adler's view, as children we look to overcome
  13. Which personality theorist strongly rejected Sigmund Freud's claim that males are dominant or superior to females?
  14. The personality of a child who is fixated in the anal stage tends to be excessively
  15. A serious criticism of trait theories is that these
  16. While at a Mexican restaurant, an attractive waitress asks Raul what kind of beer he would like. Instead of saying, 'Dos Equis,' he says, 'Dos sexy.' This accidental misspeaking would be explained as an example of __________________ according to Freud.
  17. Humanistic theories are _________ about the nature of human personality.
  18. Cross Cultural psychologist take issue with humanistic psychology because
  19. This theory of personality theory has it's roots in sound scientific research through its use of experiments measuring personal control, etc.
  20. The _________ is a test used to measure serious mental problems, such as schizophrenia and depression.
  21. Which defense mechanism involves acting the opposite of how one really feels?
  22. According to Freud, our unconscious held mostly
  23. The MMPI-II is an example of a __________ test:
  24. Jeremy is upset and angry that he did not pass his physics test. He is very angry at his instructor but he cannot yell at him or else he will be in trouble. Instead Jeremy releases some of his aggressive energy on the football field. What defense mechanism is Jeremy using?
  25. Jesse has an internal locus of control if after being involved in a car accident, he believes the accident was due to
  26. A Freudian analyst would interpret a church going person who views premarital sex as a sin as being ruled by their
  27. Which of the following assessment tools explores individuals' personalities by asking them to examine a series of inkblots and describe what they see in the inkblot?
  28. The MMPI-2 is an example of a _________ test.
  29. Which of the following IS NOT associated with the trait perspective on personality?
  30. Personality Inventory where you answer True/False questions about yourself are part of the _________ perspective on personality.
  31. Two friends attribute their high math scores to their high level of effort and ability in math and their low Spanish scores to their teacher�s subjective grading and favoritism. In this situation these students are exhibiting
  32. Which perspective was used by Raymond Cattell as a basis for his personality measure known as the 16PF test?
  33. Which of the following personality tests helps assess an individual's potential for clinical disorders?
  34. The id's seeking of SEXUAL ENERGY was termed ____________ by Freud.
  35. Psychodynamic theorists tended to focus on interpersonal conflicts instead of Freud's focus on the ____________.