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Personality // AP Psychology

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  1. Adam loved the girlfriend that dropped him, but acts as if he's glad to be rid of her. His behavior most clearly illustrates which of the following Freudian defense mechanisms?
  2. Which is an example of a projective test, consisting of a set of ambiguous pictures about which people are asked to tell a story?
  3. Self-efficacy, according to Bandura, is
  4. A relatively permanent characteristic of personality that can be used to predict and describe behavior is
  5. Sigmund Freud believed that dream analysis was a useful device for
  6. According to Albert Bandura, people who believe that their efforts will be successful and that they are in control of events have a high level of
  7. The Big-Five model of personality includes
  8. Which of the following is an unconscious personality structure made up of biological urges seeking fulfillment?
  9. Freud believed that personality was typified by
  10. According to Freud, the id is governed by the
  11. Psychologists who believe that people grow and develop throughout their lives and that people are inherently good are
  12. According to Freud, the Oedipus and Electra conflicts occur during the
  13. Which personality theorist strongly rejected Sigmund Freud's claim that males are dominant or superior to females?
  14. A friend of yours always seems agitated and anxious, even when nothing in the circumstances would provoke such a response. Which one of the five traits applies to this characteristic of your friend?
  15. A psychologist who gives their clients a brochure entitled 'Personal Growth And Making Life Improvements' is likely to have a(n) _________ orientation.
  16. Erin is supposed to be saving money from her job to contribute to her college fund. She is at the mall and sees a shirt that she loves, but she will have to dip into her fund alloted for college in order to buy it. She justifies her behavior by saying, 'I have worked really hard this week and I deserve it.' Erin is using what Freudian defense mechanism?
  17. A key concept of Bandura's personality theory is his belief that
  18. This theory of personality theory has it's roots in sound scientific research through its use of experiments measuring personal control, etc.
  19. The concept of ________ includes instinctive memories that are shared by all people of all cultures.
  20. _________ is the ego defense mechanisms that functions to exclude unacceptable feelings from consciousness.
  21. Motivation is viewed as ________ by humanist theorists such as Rogers and Maslow.
  22. Assessment instruments in which individuals are asked to describe ambiguous stimuli are called__________ tests.
  23. The key function of the ego is to resolves conflicts between the________ and the ________.
  24. The humanistic theorists were very different from the psychodynamic theorists because of their emphasis on
  25. Observational learning is the focus of the personality theory devised by
  26. A Freudian psychoanalyst would interpret a client's impulsive need for immediate gratification as due to an overactive
  27. A personality test that involves looking at ambiguous pictures and describing what is happening,what happened before and how the situation will end is likely taking a
  28. ________ theorists have determined five major characteristics of personality.
  29. What is the ego defense mechanism on which the Rorschach and TAT are based?
  30. The _________ was created by Julian Rotter to measure our sense of personal power.
  31. John is completing a lengthy test in which he must indicate whether various written statements are true or false about himself. He is most likely taking which of the following?
  32. Personality Inventory where you answer True/False questions about yourself are part of the _________ perspective on personality.
  33. Individuals who accept personal responsibility for their life experiences may be characterized as having
  34. Two friends attribute their high math scores to their high level of effort and ability in math and their low Spanish scores to their teacher�s subjective grading and favoritism. In this situation these students are exhibiting
  35. The MMPI-2, NEO-PI-R, and 16PF are all important tests utilized by what perspective of personality?