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Personality // AP Psychology

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  1. Adam loved the girlfriend that dropped him, but acts as if he's glad to be rid of her. His behavior most clearly illustrates which of the following Freudian defense mechanisms?
  2. Roberto believes that he is the master of his ship and in charge of his destiny. According to Rotter's theory of personality, Roberto has
  3. In Sigmund Freud's view, the role of the ego is to
  4. Sigmund Freud believed that dream analysis was a useful device for
  5. According to Albert Bandura, people who believe that their efforts will be successful and that they are in control of events have a high level of
  6. One criticism of Sigmund Freud's psychosexual theory of development is that it
  7. The Big-Five model of personality includes
  8. Psychologists who believe that people grow and develop throughout their lives and that people are inherently good are
  9. __________ theorists believe humans have free will.
  10. Freud called an unresolved conflict caused by over-indulgence or frustration a(n)
  11. According to Jung, a mental storehouse for unconscious ideas and images shared by all humans is
  12. A serious criticism of trait theories is that these
  13. ________________proposed the concept of the collective unconscious.
  14. Which of the following is the correct acronym for the Big 5 personality factors?
  15. A friend of yours always seems agitated and anxious, even when nothing in the circumstances would provoke such a response. Which one of the five traits applies to this characteristic of your friend?
  16. This theory of personality theory has it's roots in sound scientific research through its use of experiments measuring personal control, etc.
  17. The concept of ________ includes instinctive memories that are shared by all people of all cultures.
  18. In the different ________ stages, children are thought to associate pleasure with different bodily regions.
  19. _________ is the ego defense mechanisms that functions to exclude unacceptable feelings from consciousness.
  20. _________ refer to the lifelong process of striving to realize ones full potential.
  21. The warrior, the hero, and the earth mother are examples of the Jungian concept:
  22. Which defense mechanism involves acting the opposite of how one really feels?
  23. Post-Freudian theorists changed psychodynamic personality theory through their
  24. The key function of type and trait theories of personality is to
  25. Carl Rogers would say that a student ________ when they view themselves as brilliant, but earn Cs in all their classes.
  26. A Freudian psychoanalyst would interpret a client's impulsive need for immediate gratification as due to an overactive
  27. A Freudian analyst would interpret a church going person who views premarital sex as a sin as being ruled by their
  28. _________ are used to help protect ourselves from our own unwanted sexual and aggressive desires.
  29. Which of the following assessment tools explores individuals' personalities by asking them to examine a series of inkblots and describe what they see in the inkblot?
  30. John is completing a lengthy test in which he must indicate whether various written statements are true or false about himself. He is most likely taking which of the following?
  31. Which of the following IS NOT associated with the trait perspective on personality?
  32. The technique of assessing personality by asking a person to make up a story based on a picture presented by the researcher is an example of which of the following types of tests?
  33. The psychologists who first developed encounter groups and sensitivity-training groups based their work on which of the following approaches to therapy?
  34. Which perspective was used by Raymond Cattell as a basis for his personality measure known as the 16PF test?
  35. What is the purpose of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory?