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Personality // AP Psychology

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  1. In contrast to the blank slate view of human nature held by the behaviorists, humanists believe humans are born
  2. In order to determine a client's personality, Carl Rogers used a survey to measure the difference between his patient's
  3. The most commonly used personality assessments are
  4. Assessments such as the Rorschach are used in which of the following kinds of tests?
  5. When parents refuse to accept several psychologists' diagnosis of a child's mental illness, they are using which of the following defense mechanism?
  6. Sigmund Freud believed that dream analysis was a useful device for
  7. According to Sigmund Freud, a child's early experience in coping with external demands leads to the development of the ________ since it is ultimately the decision maker.
  8. According to Albert Bandura, people who believe that their efforts will be successful and that they are in control of events have a high level of
  9. One criticism of Sigmund Freud's psychosexual theory of development is that it
  10. According to Jung, art, religion, myths, and drama are important to individual functioning because they
  11. An adjective checklist simply DESCRIBING someone's personality would most likely be used by a
  12. According to behaviorists,
  13. During the first year of life, the child is said to go through the __________ stage.
  14. In Adler's view, as children we look to overcome
  15. __________ theorists believe humans have free will.
  16. Which personality theorist strongly rejected Sigmund Freud's claim that males are dominant or superior to females?
  17. The personality of a child who is fixated in the anal stage tends to be excessively
  18. A psychologist who gives their clients a brochure entitled 'Personal Growth And Making Life Improvements' is likely to have a(n) _________ orientation.
  19. This theory of personality theory has it's roots in sound scientific research through its use of experiments measuring personal control, etc.
  20. The concept of ________ includes instinctive memories that are shared by all people of all cultures.
  21. Which defense mechanism involves acting the opposite of how one really feels?
  22. In the film 'Star Wars', Darth Vader plays the evil leader, Luke plays the hero, Yoda plays the wise one. All of these characters according to Carl Jung represent
  23. Post-Freudian theorists changed psychodynamic personality theory through their
  24. The humanistic theorists were very different from the psychodynamic theorists because of their emphasis on
  25. Observational learning is the focus of the personality theory devised by
  26. Jeremy is upset and angry that he did not pass his physics test. He is very angry at his instructor but he cannot yell at him or else he will be in trouble. Instead Jeremy releases some of his aggressive energy on the football field. What defense mechanism is Jeremy using?
  27. The key function of type and trait theories of personality is to
  28. Carl Rogers would say that a student ________ when they view themselves as brilliant, but earn Cs in all their classes.
  29. _________ are used to help protect ourselves from our own unwanted sexual and aggressive desires.
  30. What is the ego defense mechanism on which the Rorschach and TAT are based?
  31. The _________ was created by Julian Rotter to measure our sense of personal power.
  32. John is completing a lengthy test in which he must indicate whether various written statements are true or false about himself. He is most likely taking which of the following?
  33. Psychologists from which of the following perspectives of personality are most interested in assessing a person's locus of control?
  34. Which of the following assessment tools is LEAST likely to be used by a psychoanalytically oriented psychologist?
  35. Which perspective was used by Raymond Cattell as a basis for his personality measure known as the 16PF test?