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Personality // AP Psychology

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  1. In contrast to the blank slate view of human nature held by the behaviorists, humanists believe humans are born
  2. Self-efficacy, according to Bandura, is
  3. A relatively permanent characteristic of personality that can be used to predict and describe behavior is
  4. Sigmund Freud believed that dream analysis was a useful device for
  5. The __________ contains material or information of which you may be currently unaware but that can easily be brought to awareness.
  6. A key element of Carl Rogers' personality theory is the concept of
  7. According to Freud, the Oedipus and Electra conflicts occur during the
  8. An overly strict or harsh superego will cause
  9. Freud called an unresolved conflict caused by over-indulgence or frustration a(n)
  10. Jim loves being around people, he has many friends and loves to be social regardless of his situation. Jim probably would score high on which of the big five personality characteristics?
  11. The personality of a child who is fixated in the anal stage tends to be excessively
  12. A friend of yours always seems agitated and anxious, even when nothing in the circumstances would provoke such a response. Which one of the five traits applies to this characteristic of your friend?
  13. A key concept of Bandura's personality theory is his belief that
  14. In the different ________ stages, children are thought to associate pleasure with different bodily regions.
  15. The ________ is designed to assess the Big Five factors of personality.
  16. Motivation is viewed as ________ by humanist theorists such as Rogers and Maslow.
  17. The warrior, the hero, and the earth mother are examples of the Jungian concept:
  18. Which defense mechanism involves acting the opposite of how one really feels?
  19. Jeremy is upset and angry that he did not pass his physics test. He is very angry at his instructor but he cannot yell at him or else he will be in trouble. Instead Jeremy releases some of his aggressive energy on the football field. What defense mechanism is Jeremy using?
  20. Cognitive personality theories are based on
  21. The key function of type and trait theories of personality is to
  22. Freud believed that women are attracted to men as a result of _________.
  23. ________ theorists have determined five major characteristics of personality.
  24. The _________ was created by Julian Rotter to measure our sense of personal power.
  25. Marc performs poorly on a psychology exam and explains his failure by saying, 'That test was so hard no one could pass it.' This explanation illustrates
  26. According to Sigmund Freud, our sexual and aggressive instincts are located primarily in the
  27. John is completing a lengthy test in which he must indicate whether various written statements are true or false about himself. He is most likely taking which of the following?
  28. The Big 5 Personality Inventory is part of the ________ perspective on personality.
  29. A \"Draw A Picture\" or \"Sentence Completion\" test is designed to get at potential unconscious thoughts and desires which will be reflected in what you draw or write. These tests would fall under the category of a:
  30. Which of the following IS NOT associated with the trait perspective on personality?
  31. Which of the following theoretical frameworks would argue most strongly that a healthy child will choose what is good for his or her growth?
  32. In Abraham Maslow�s hierarchy of needs, living up to one�s potential and striving for personal fulfillment are referred to as
  33. Sigmund Freud once compared psychological development to the migration of a population: �As time passes most of the group moves on, but some of the members remain at an earlier location.� Which concept was Freud describing?
  34. What is the purpose of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory?
  35. Self-help books and groups are most closely associated with the