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Motivation and Emotion // AP Psychology

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  1. When asked why he wants to become a doctor, Tom says, "because being a doctor will allow me to make a good salary ." His answer is most consistent with which of the following theories of motivation?
  2. The James-Lange theory of emotion states that
  3. Watching television "just to have something to do" or avoid boredom relates best to what theory of motivation?
  4. Terrence's parents were excited by his recent interest in reading science fiction novels. They bought him toy science fiction characters and praised him for reading the books. When they stopped giving him praise and toys, they were dismayed that he quit reading. Terrence's behavior best illustrates
  5. An individual experiencing a low blood-glucose level would be best advised to
  6. Drive reduction as a motivational concept is best exemplified by which of the following?
  7. Hunger and eating are primarily regulated by which of the following?
  8. Carla tutors other students because she likes to be helpful, whereas Jane tutors classmates strictly for pay. Their behaviors demonstrate the difference between:
  9. John sees a bear running at him in the woods and thinks "Oh my god, Im about to die!" as his heart beats quickly. He is now experiencing the emotion of fear. This is best explained by:
  10. At the highest levels of arousal,
  11. The polygraph or lie detector primarily measures which component of emotion?
  12. The maintenance of steady states of temperature and blood pressure are examples of
  13. Which theory of emotion holds the view that bodily changes PRECEDE emotion and that we experience an emotion AFTER our body reacts?
  14. What is the correct order of needs in Maslow's hierarchy?
  15. The part of the autonomic nervous system responsible for restoring the body back to homeostasis and conserving energy is the
  16. Extrinsic motivation stems from
  17. Pillard and Bailey�s studies on sexual orientation in twins showed that
  18. The sympathetic nervous system
  19. The ability to understand and control emotional responses is known as
  20. Identify the case below in which the more basic need is listed before the �higher� need, according Maslow�s theory of motivation.
  21. Which of the following hormones is often associated with depression?
  22. Susan volunteers at the local grade school to tutor students who need extra help in reading. She is not paid, but she loves to go each week, her behavior is an example of
  23. ________ is a form of motivation that plays an important role in survival and reproduction.
  24. Masters and Johnson contributed to the study of human sexuality by
  25. Which of the following has the highest mortality rate of any mental disorder?
  26. According to _________, people around the world share and recognize at least seven basic emotions.
  27. Women are different in men in their sexual responses in that they
  28. Which of the following are NOT in the limbic system?
  29. Annie has gone in a diet, initially she lost much weight, but now her weight seems to have stabilized, this is probably because
  30. Damage to the ________ would be expected to render a wild animal tame and placid.
  31. Ekman found that fear, sadness, joy, anger, disgust, contempt and happiness were
  32. \'Lie detectors\' detect
  33. Which of Maslow's values contributes to our nature to conform?
  34. When given a drug that produced general arousal, research participants placed in a room with a happy confederate described their emotional state as happy, while those placed in a room with an angry confederate described their emotional state as angry. Which theory of emotion best explains these results?
  35. Which of the following is most likely to characterize the behavior of students who have high achievement motivation and are intrinsically motivated to play a musical instrument?