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Memory // AP Psychology

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  1. Judith is presented with a list of 50 animals. When asked to recall this list, she remembers more animals from the beginning than from the end of the list. This phenomenon demonstrates which of the following types of effect?
  2. Buster McGee suffered a head injury in a wild bus accident in Zimbabwe. He now has clear memories of events that occurred before the accident, but he has great difficulty remembering any of the experiences he has had since the accident. John's symptoms are descriptive of
  3. The tendency for prior learning to inhibit recall of later learning is called
  4. The image that persists for about one-half second after being seen is a(n)
  5. Criticism of recovered memories has centered on the fact that
  6. Transforming incoming information into a usable form is the stage of memory called
  7. Suzanne has a six-month "gap" in her memories of grade school. Her "gap" corresponds to the period immediately following a traumatic experience. Freud would argue Suzanne memory gap is most likely caused by:
  8. A mail clerk has to rearrange mailboxes in a student dormitory and for a few days has difficulty sorting the mail since the out slots interfere with her memory of the new slots. This illustrates
  9. Remembering the first and last items of a list better than items in the middle is due to
  10. According to the interference theory of forgetting,
  11. If you witnessed a crime and were asked to pick out the criminal from a lineup, you would be doing what kind of memory task?
  12. Interference theories of forgetting suggest that retention will be best when study is followed by
  13. The reason it may be difficult to remember how many rows of stars appear on the United States flag is most likely due to
  14. Individuals who have amazingly developed skill despite their mental handicap are referred to as
  15. If you are trying to remember the names of all the U.S. presidents, the serial position effect would predict that you will have difficulty
  16. According to Freud, the only way to be free of repressed memories is to
  17. Ebbinghaus found that when he returned to a list of words that he had previously memorized week before, it took him _______
  18. Extreme photographic memory is known as
  19. When you try to relate psychological terms you are learning in class to personal examples from your life. You are using
  20. As the information in this book passes from one stage of your memory to the next, the information becomes more
  21. Your memory of how much fun you had last Spring break is an example of
  22. Which of the following statements best describes forgetting, as characterized by Ebbinghaus's forgetting curve?
  23. Which of the following is a major objection to the 'video recorder' theory of memory?
  24. Long-term memory is thought to have
  25. If you learn material for your political science course in a classroom, and then are asked to take an exam for that course in a large lecture hall on the other side of campus, your scores may not be as high as you would like. What may explain this phenomena?
  26. Suggestibility can cause us to
  27. The _________ theory claims that establishing more connections with long-term memories makes information more meaningful and memorable and thus easier to recall.
  28. How long do sensory memories like iconic memory generally last?
  29. Which of the following is a culturally defined script that would violate most Americans ideas of acceptable behavior.
  30. The TOT (tip of the tongue) phenomenon occurs when
  31. The three memory stages, in order of processing, are
  32. If you witness a mugging and the police ask, 'did you see the scar on the assailants face?' Even if there was no scar, you might reply that you did indeed see the scar. What fault of memory best explains this honest mistake?
  33. The best strategy by which to transfer information from working memory to long-term memory is to engage in
  34. The psychoanalytic concept of repression suggests a difficulty in the functioning of which aspect of memory?
  35. Chuck recalls the day last summer when he fell off his bicycle and scraped his knee. This is an example of