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Memory // AP Psychology

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  1. The three stages of the Atkinson-Shiffrin process of memory are:
  2. James is memorizing a list of tools to remember when he heads to home depot: screwdriver, hammer, nail, pitchfork, drill, rotor, wrench, wedge, and screws. If the law of primacy holds and he forgets the list, which of the following is Doug most likely to remember when he gets to the store?
  3. According to the levels of processing theory of memory,
  4. Which of the following exemplifies retroactive interference?
  5. The part of the brain that functions as a "switching station" between the STM and LTM (helps short term memories become long term memories) is the
  6. Criticism of recovered memories has centered on the fact that
  7. Essay questions tend to be more difficult than multiple choice because with an essay question,
  8. Students often assume that because they can answer all the study questions once, they have sufficiently prepared for a test. This mistaken attitude overlooks the importance of __________ for improving memory.
  9. A mail clerk has to rearrange mailboxes in a student dormitory and for a few days has difficulty sorting the mail since the out slots interfere with her memory of the new slots. This illustrates
  10. When new learning disrupts the ability to recall past, stored information, __________ has been said to occur.
  11. Rehearsal works best when
  12. If you witnessed a crime and were asked to pick out the criminal from a lineup, you would be doing what kind of memory task?
  13. A brain-injured patient who can still execute a perfect golf swing or a high dive but is unable to recall or relearn even the broad outlines of American history is superior in
  14. Individuals who have amazingly developed skill despite their mental handicap are referred to as
  15. If you are trying to remember the names of all the U.S. presidents, the serial position effect would predict that you will have difficulty
  16. Ebbinghaus found that when he returned to a list of words that he had previously memorized week before, it took him _______
  17. Knowing how to board a train is considered a _______ memory, while knowing that Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the United States is a _________ memory.
  18. _________ occurs when newly learned information prevents the retrieval of previously stored, similar information.
  19. When you try to relate psychological terms you are learning in class to personal examples from your life. You are using
  20. Which of the following statements best describes forgetting, as characterized by Ebbinghaus's forgetting curve?
  21. The _________ theory claims that establishing more connections with long-term memories makes information more meaningful and memorable and thus easier to recall.
  22. Which of the following are the three essential tasks of memory?
  23. Which of the following is a culturally defined script that would violate most Americans ideas of acceptable behavior.
  24. When you hear a phone number and are able to recall it for a brief period, the phone number is thought to reside within _______ memory.
  25. Brian cannot remember the name of the flower he just planted even though he knows he is familiar with it's name, his lack of remembering demonstrates the _________
  26. The TOT (tip of the tongue) phenomenon occurs when
  27. In proactive interference, old memories act to
  28. Remembering the explanation that your psychology professor gave when she described neural networks is likely held in your
  29. This type of memory is primarily what contributes to our sense of self.
  30. You are an actor worried about remembering your lines. In order to help you a friend suggests that you remember each portion of the script by linking it to different places in your home. What memory technique has your friend suggested?
  31. The sensory register for vision is called _________ memory, whereas the sensory register for hearing is called _________ memory.
  32. Because of the limited capacity of ________ it is unsafe to talk on a cell phone while driving on a freeway during rush-hour.
  33. When you learn the tango, you forget the mambo that you learned last year, this is an example of
  34. Chuck recalls the day last summer when he fell off his bicycle and scraped his knee. This is an example of
  35. A major conclusion shown through Ebbinghaus's forgetting curve is that: