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Memory // AP Psychology

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  1. The three stages of the Atkinson-Shiffrin process of memory are:
  2. According to the levels of processing theory of memory,
  3. Which of the following exemplifies retroactive interference?
  4. The image that persists for about one-half second after being seen is a(n)
  5. The part of the brain that functions as a "switching station" between the STM and LTM (helps short term memories become long term memories) is the
  6. The storage capacity of long-term memory is best described as
  7. Psychologists have concluded that long-term memories fall into the following two categories:
  8. A mail clerk has to rearrange mailboxes in a student dormitory and for a few days has difficulty sorting the mail since the out slots interfere with her memory of the new slots. This illustrates
  9. Remembering the first and last items of a list better than items in the middle is due to
  10. According to the interference theory of forgetting,
  11. The "magic number" __________ represents the average number of "bits" of information that short-term memory can usually handle
  12. The kind of memory that lasts for less than a second or two is
  13. Often, memories appear to be available but not accessible, as in
  14. The fact that many people don't know which way Lincoln is facing on the penny is probably due to
  15. A brain-injured patient who can still execute a perfect golf swing or a high dive but is unable to recall or relearn even the broad outlines of American history is superior in
  16. As you study the vocabulary in this book, which method would result in the deepest level of processing?
  17. Ebbinghaus found that when he returned to a list of words that he had previously memorized week before, it took him _______
  18. Knowing how to board a train is considered a _______ memory, while knowing that Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the United States is a _________ memory.
  19. Which part of long term memory stores autobiographical memory?
  20. Bonnie is trying to remember what grocery items she needs from the stores. She repeats the words. Eggs, cookies, bread, tortillas, and pretzels over and over again in her mind. Bonnie is utilizing which memory technique?
  21. H.M. lost the ability to create new memories after his surgery, he is suffering from
  22. Long-term memory is thought to have
  23. James was hit in the head by a pitch in baseball and no longer remembers anything prior to the incident but can form new memories. He likely suffers from:
  24. You go to a new fancy restaurant, and you are nervous because you are on a first date. However, since you have been to other nice restaurants before, you know that you will first be seated, then someone will take your drink orders, then you will have an appetizer, followed by dinner. If all goes well of the date, you may even stay for dessert! What is this an example of?
  25. If you learn material for your political science course in a classroom, and then are asked to take an exam for that course in a large lecture hall on the other side of campus, your scores may not be as high as you would like. What may explain this phenomena?
  26. _________ refers to the term for any system that encodes, stores, and retrieves information.
  27. Highly emotional memories such as those which many prisoners of war have experienced may cause post traumatic stress disorder. Recent research has found which brain structure to play a significant role in these emotional memories?
  28. Leon is an architect, he has been plotting out restaurants. For all of the restaurants in in the past Leon has worked the traffic flow in a clockwise manner. For the current restaurant this will not work, but Leon cannot think of another way to route the traffic. Leon is experiencing
  29. Jamal needs to remember his social security number but there are too many numbers for him to hold it in his working memory. What technique would best help Jamal to remember his social security number.
  30. Which kind of forgetting is involved when the sociology I studied yesterday makes it more difficult to learn and remember the psychology I am studying today?
  31. Remembering the explanation that your psychology professor gave when she described neural networks is likely held in your
  32. Our ability to retain encoded material over time is known as
  33. Which theoretical perspective in psychology attempts to characterize the way in which humans store and process sensory information?
  34. Chuck recalls the day last summer when he fell off his bicycle and scraped his knee. This is an example of
  35. A major conclusion shown through Ebbinghaus's forgetting curve is that: