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Cognition // AP Psychology

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  1. Because it has all of the features commonly associated with the concept bird, a robin is considered
  2. Processing every possible combination of the letters DBRI to arrive at the word BIRD is an example of the use of
  3. Metacognition refers to
  4. Which of the following represent, respectively, superordinate and subordinate categories for the basic-level category of 'automobile?'
  5. A teacher asks students to think of as many uses for a brick as possible. By listing 50 uses, most of which the class finds new and unusual, Susan is displaying
  6. Which of the following is an example of metacognition?
  7. Basic speech SOUNDS are called
  8. The solution to most arithmetic problems requires
  9. A person is asked to decide on a major in school; another is asked to decide on a career. We may say that the different answers they give to broad and specific questions are because of
  10. Framing refers to:
  11. __________ thinking goes from specific facts to general principles. (This pencil has an eraser therefore most pencils have erasers).
  12. The tendency to incorrectly estimate that more people die from accidents and homicides than from strokes and diabetes best illustrates the influence of:
  13. Which one of the following would be an example of the confirmation bias at work?
  14. Noam Chomsky believed that language was
  15. What is the prototypical example of a vehicle?
  16. What is true about confirmation bias?
  17. A heuristic is BEST described as a
  18. Which psychologist believes that all people are born with a Language acquisition Device?
  19. A person who uses a drop of super glue to seal a paper cut on their finger has overcome the obstacle to effective problem solving related to
  20. Questions with multiple solutions such as 'how many uses are there for a vase?' require:
  21. Which of the following provides evidence to support the idea of a Language Acquisition Device (LAD)?
  22. What is the problem with many foreign language programs currently offered in U.S. schools?
  23. A languages set of rules about combining and ordering words.
  24. When asked which of two countries has a larger population, participants are likely to judge the country that is more familiar to them as being more populous. Which of the following best explains this finding?
  25. When trying to solve a problem, Bret uses. a logical, step-by-step formula called
  26. When the word 'walk' is changed to 'walked,' the suffix 'ed' is an example of a
  27. Chomsky's ideas that the skills needed for language acquisition were largely innate illustrates the influence:
  28. A mental set is most likely to inhibit:
  29. After spending two hours trying to solve an engineering problem, Amira finally gave up. As she was trying to fall asleep that night, a solution to the problem popped into her head. Amira\'s experience best illustrates:
  30. Timothy believes that some murderers truly love their own children; he also believes that all who truly love their own children are effective parents. Timothy's negative attitude toward murderers is so strong, however, that he finds it very difficult to accept the logical conclusion that some murderers are effective parents. His difficulty best illustrates:
  31. The use of heuristics rather than algorithms is most likely to:
  32. Mistakenly concluding that the forgetful acts of an elderly person must be indicative of Alzheimer\'s disease best illustrates the impact of:
  33. A student who strongly believes that genetic influence is the major contributor to human personality is analyzing data gathered about identical twins who had been separated at birth and reunited in adulthood. The student observes many striking similarities in personality and habits within the twin pairs but does not notice differences within the twin pairs that might argue against the student�s belief. This student�s behavior illustrates which of the following?
  34. According to Chomsky, the meaning of language can be found in the _______________ structure of a sentence.
  35. The tendency for humans to believe vague generalities about their personality through unscientific personality inventories and horoscopes most clearly relates to: