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Cognition // AP Psychology

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  1. Processing every possible combination of the letters DBRI to arrive at the word BIRD is an example of the use of
  2. Metacognition refers to
  3. Cognitive theorists emphasize the
  4. Noam Chomsky's view of language proposes that
  5. A prototype is best defined as
  6. A word or part of a word that is in itself meaningful, but that cannot be broken into smaller meaningful units, is called a
  7. According to Benjamin Whorf's linguistic relativity hypothesis, which of the following is true?
  8. The inability to see new uses for familiar objects is termed
  9. Thought that involves going from general principles to specific situations is called __________ reasoning. (All men are human, Tom is a man, therefore Tom is a human).
  10. Framing refers to:
  11. Heuristic strategies show that our thinking is often based on
  12. Noam Chomsky believed that language was
  13. An algorithm would not be the best strategy when trying tO
  14. What is the prototypical example of a vehicle?
  15. A heuristic is BEST described as a
  16. A math problem calls for finding the area of a triangle. You know the formula, so you multiply one-half the base times the height. You have used
  17. One of the reasons that people use algorithms is that these
  18. A person who uses a drop of super glue to seal a paper cut on their finger has overcome the obstacle to effective problem solving related to
  19. If Ellie who is 21/2 years old says, 'Cookie me now,' she is demonstrating
  20. The idea proposed by Noam Chomsky that suggests that all individuals are born with an innate ability to learn language.
  21. Meghan is a cheerleader at your high school, she is always happy and outgoing and you assume that the rest of the cheerleaders act much the same way, this potentially false belief is an example of
  22. Consider the following concept hierarchy: food, desserts, chocolates, ________. The last term should be
  23. Some people believe that psychology is all 'common sense' and that we already knew most of what research tells us about human nature. In reality we cannot make assumptions about human nature without doing research and collecting good data. The false belief that we already knew what psychology tells us is known as _______
  24. When trying to solve a problem, Bret uses. a logical, step-by-step formula called
  25. B.F. Skinner and Noam Chomsky had two very different theories of how humans acquired language. Skinner explained language acquisition using ___________________ terminology, while Chomsky explained language acquisition using __________ terminology.
  26. People often fail to make accurate generalizations because they are unduly influenced by ________ cases.
  27. The news headline read �Local Prostitutes Appeal to City Mayor.� Most readers immediately recognized that this was not a reference to the mayor\'s sexual desires. This best illustrates the value of:
  28. People asked to forfeit an early payment discount are less upset than when they are asked to bear a late payment surcharge. This best illustrates the importance of:
  29. Timothy believes that some murderers truly love their own children; he also believes that all who truly love their own children are effective parents. Timothy's negative attitude toward murderers is so strong, however, that he finds it very difficult to accept the logical conclusion that some murderers are effective parents. His difficulty best illustrates:
  30. On Monday, the meteorologist forecast a 20 percent chance of rain, so Sheryl took her umbrella to work. On Friday, he reported an 80 percent chance that it would not rain, so Sheryl left her umbrella at home. Sheryl\'s behavior illustrates:
  31. The use of heuristics rather than algorithms is most likely to:
  32. A chess-playing computer program that routinely calculates all possible outcomes of all possible game moves best illustrates problem solving by means of:
  33. A schema can be described as
  34. The practice of solving problems by using a mental shortcut is an example of
  35. The tendency for humans to believe vague generalities about their personality through unscientific personality inventories and horoscopes most clearly relates to: