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Cognition // AP Psychology

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  1. Phonemes are:
  2. Compared to convergent thinkers, to solve a problem divergent thinkers are more likely to:
  3. Which of the following represent, respectively, superordinate and subordinate categories for the basic-level category of 'automobile?'
  4. Which of the following is usually associated with creativity?
  5. A truck gets stuck under a bridge. Several tow-trucks are unable to pull it out. At last a little boy walks up and asks the red-faced adults trying to free the truck why they haven't let the air out of the truck's tires. Their oversight was due to
  6. The rules for ordering words in sentences are called
  7. A person is asked to decide on a major in school; another is asked to decide on a career. We may say that the different answers they give to broad and specific questions are because of
  8. Psychologist Wolfgang Kohler believed that the solution of a multiple-stick problem in chimpanzees revealed
  9. Thought that involves going from general principles to specific situations is called __________ reasoning. (All men are human, Tom is a man, therefore Tom is a human).
  10. __________ is the study of the meaning of words and language
  11. Sally said, 'I goed to the store,' she is demonstrating an example of
  12. You are baby sitting one Friday evening and after the children are in bed you decide to watch the movie 'Scream.' After watching the movie you are sure that you hear sounds coming from the basement and are frightened that there may be a killer in the house. In reality the chances that someone has broken into the house are no better than they were before you watched the film, however your are still scared. This is an example of which of the following
  13. Heuristic strategies show that our thinking is often based on
  14. What is true about confirmation bias?
  15. A heuristic is BEST described as a
  16. Which psychologist believes that all people are born with a Language acquisition Device?
  17. If Ellie who is 21/2 years old says, 'Cookie me now,' she is demonstrating
  18. A(n) ________ is a step by step solution to a problem that is likely to be successful,
  19. Meghan is a cheerleader at your high school, she is always happy and outgoing and you assume that the rest of the cheerleaders act much the same way, this potentially false belief is an example of
  20. _________ bias refers to a situation in which people ignore or overlook information that disagrees with their beliefs.
  21. Noam Chomsky has presented evidence supporting his theory that
  22. Which of the following provides evidence to support the idea of a Language Acquisition Device (LAD)?
  23. What is the problem with many foreign language programs currently offered in U.S. schools?
  24. A languages set of rules about combining and ordering words.
  25. When asked which of two countries has a larger population, participants are likely to judge the country that is more familiar to them as being more populous. Which of the following best explains this finding?
  26. Brainstorming about a variety of ways to solve a problem involves:
  27. B.F. Skinner and Noam Chomsky had two very different theories of how humans acquired language. Skinner explained language acquisition using ___________________ terminology, while Chomsky explained language acquisition using __________ terminology.
  28. Chomsky's ideas that the skills needed for language acquisition were largely innate illustrates the influence:
  29. The rock musician was hit with a rotten egg while performing his latest hit song. The fact that you can recognize two different meanings for the word �hit� in the preceding sentence demonstrates the importance of the rules of:
  30. Timothy believes that some murderers truly love their own children; he also believes that all who truly love their own children are effective parents. Timothy's negative attitude toward murderers is so strong, however, that he finds it very difficult to accept the logical conclusion that some murderers are effective parents. His difficulty best illustrates:
  31. The use of heuristics rather than algorithms is most likely to:
  32. It has been suggested that Eskimos\' rich vocabulary for describing snow enables them to perceive differences in snow conditions that would otherwise go unnoticed. This suggestion most clearly illustrates:
  33. The practice of solving problems by using a mental shortcut is an example of
  34. According to Chomsky, the meaning of language can be found in the _______________ structure of a sentence.
  35. The tendency for humans to believe vague generalities about their personality through unscientific personality inventories and horoscopes most clearly relates to: